Slewing Drive For Solar Tracker

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Slewing Drive For Solar Tracker is a compactly constructed unit which consists of a slewing ring, base plate and worm. This unit brings the advantages of a slewing ring and a worm into one unit.


It is suitable for applications which demand slow rotation with a continuous or cyclical movement capable of handling combined loads. The product is with standard dimensions for coupling an electric or hydraulic motor as well as coupling a whole system to equipment.


A solar tracking system positions various payloads―such as solar PV panels, reflectors or lenses―toward the sun. Trackers are used to maximize the amount of incoming light by following the sun as it moves across the sky. Solar trackers are categorized by the number and orientation of their axes and whether they employ fixed, single or dual axis tracking systems.

Customized High Quality Excavator Swing Ring, Slewing Bearing

-20 °C SCOE205-25
25 mm 13mm

Custom Slewing Bearing Ring High Precision

12.7 mm 15.5 mm
T204- 10 mm

Customized Slewing Ring for Hitachi Excavator China Factory

Triple Lip Max Life Cage
Eccentric Collar Powder Coat

Customized Swing Slewing Ring Bearing for Truck Crane

Medium Duty Steel
D-Lock Ball Bearing 782475047246

Single Row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing for Tower Crane Machine

Rubberized Yes
Steel Powder Coat

OEM Forged Slewing Ring Bearing for Excavator Spare Parts

21 mm 53 mm
42.9 mm P206N-

Slewing Ring for Conveyer, Crane, Excavator, Construction Machinery 011.30.560

Cast Iron Normal Duty
Tapered Adapter Slee Unirex N2

Customized Super Large Table Slewing Bearing Ring for Excavator

6.65 kN 30 mm
US204-12G2T04 19.05 mm